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  • Change is Terrifying. Do it Anyway.

    On Saturday, 05 March, I am one of the keynote speakers for Django Girls den Haag. Hi. My name is Rain Leander. Welcome to Django Girls den Haag. Today I’m going to talk about programming – what it is, why you should do it, what you can do with it. I’m going to tell you my […]

  • So I spoke at PyGrunn

    And I just now found the video which has been up since June 2 this year by looking for “K Rain Leander” results via images.google.com. If I search for the same phrase on google.com it doesn’t show on the first page, which is not ideal. I’m so bored with those previous sentences that I fell […]

  • So I spoke at DjangoCon USA

    And the video’s up. If you listen carefully, you can hear ProsAlpha off camera.

  • Hello, Hi, I am speaking at DjangoCon US

    That’s right, Folks. You heard it hear first. Unless you follow me on twitter and don’t have so much in your following list that you saw my really quick announcement that… You heard it here first, folks. I am speaking at @djangocon US in September! #cantwait #omgomgomg — K Rain Leander (@rainleander) June 2, 2015 I’M TALKING AT DJANGOCON US […]

  • My PyGrunn 2015 Tech Talk – Leveraging Procedural Knowledge

    PyGrunn 2015 Slides Leveraging Procedural Knowledge ONE Hello. I’m Rain. I encourage you to send your comments, feedback, and snide remarks to my twitter handle @rainsdance during the course of this presentation. I am a Technical Account Manager with Red Hat and I know a lot about a few specific technologies, I am a django […]

  • I am speaking at PyGrunn 22 May 2015 – COME LISTEN

    If you’re in #Groningen and want to leverage procedural knowledge to learn your next language – come check me out @PyGrunn on May 22nd! “What is procedural knowledge and why would I want to leverage it?” I’M GLAD YOU ASKED