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  • Happy Trans Day of Visibility!! !

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Seventy Seven] Tell your favourite trans people you see them. We love that. In the interest of full disclosure, yes, I identify as a bi-sexual non-binary trans feminine queer person; my pronouns are they / them. I’m trans. See me. But first the news: Five Utrecht bars will open […]

  • Were You Born That Way?

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Forty] Deborah Siegel, gender scholar and mother of boy/girl twins, brings to life key research about the gendering of childhood in the earliest years of life. Taking us through a personal journey peppered with blunders and epiphanies, she challenges us to move beyond pink and blue and learn something […]

  • If You Build It, They Will Come

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Thirty Six] True to my word, I set up an open source repository, an awesome list of nonbinary resources yesterday morning. https://github.com/rainleander/nonbinary-resources Throughout the day yesterday and today I added the resources I could personally vouch for and, although, there are some blogs / facebook pages which are officially […]

  • If It Doesn’t Exist, Build It

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Thirty Five] I mentioned this briefly in the video I did for The Gender Tag Project – that I went looking for resources for nonbinary people – especially around education / support / close friends – and couldn’t find much. Therefore, I’m going to compile an awesome list of […]

  • And Now We’re Healing

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Thirty One] I had a massive misunderstanding with a close friend. Around being nonbinary. Around using the they / them pronouns. And we didn’t listen to one another for days. And then we finally did. But first the news: A pandemic, an environmental problem and a creative solution Seven-day […]

  • The Gender Tag Project

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Twenty Nine] The Gender Tag Project is a YouTube “tag” video that encourages individuals to answer a set of ten prompts relating to their experience with gender in the form of a YouTube video. But first the news: Loneliness, lack of motivation are major problems for students Tens of thousands […]

  • Living As A Non-Binary Person In A Binary World

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Twenty Eight] This TedX Talk is from 2017. And still completely relevant. But first the news: Vaccine delivery rules tightened up after volunteer caterer used his van More privacy risks in GGD coronavirus systems: report Parliament supports extension of coronavirus curfew A talk addressing the hardships and obstacles facing […]