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  • The DevOps Revolution

    Transforming Software Delivery and Collaboration Discover the transformative power of DevOps in “The DevOps Revolution: Transforming Software Delivery and Collaboration.” This comprehensive guide delves deep into the principles, practices, and culture that drive the success of DevOps, a movement that has reshaped the world of software development. Learn how collaboration, automation, and continuous processes like […]

  • Navigating the Tech World

    A Comprehensive Guide to Finding, Landing, and Thriving in Your Tech Job Are you passionate about technology and seeking a fulfilling career in the tech industry? Whether you’re a recent graduate, a professional transitioning into tech, or an experienced tech worker looking for your next opportunity, “Navigating the Tech World: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding, […]

  • Share Your Developer Experience Insights: Contribute to Our Upcoming Book, “Developer Experience Unleashed”

    We are excited to announce that we are currently working on a new book, “Developer Experience Unleashed: The Art of Crafting Delightful and Efficient Developer Environments.” As part of this project, we are seeking contributions from industry leaders, influencers, and developers like you to share your insights, experiences, and perspectives on Developer Experience (DX). In […]

  • 102 Values to Start Your List

    Yesterday I recommended you write a list of values to find your north star; here’s a list to get you started.

  • Please Write a Few Jokes About Dance and Distributed Systems

    Sure, here are a few jokes about dance and distributed systems: Why did the distributed system refuse to dance? Because it couldn’t get all the nodes to synchronize their moves! What do you call a group of distributed systems dancing together? A load-balancing conga line! Why did the dancer bring a laptop to the dance […]

  • The Distributed Computing Ballet

    Distributed computing is a complex topic that involves the use of multiple computers and devices working together to solve a problem. The principles of distributed computing can be difficult to grasp, but they can be explained using ballet terms to help make the concept more accessible. In ballet, dancers perform a routine together, each with […]

  • Dancing with Code: Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between Dance and Software Development

    Dance and software development may seem like two entirely different fields, but they actually share some interesting similarities and differences. In this blog post, we’ll explore these similarities and differences, and how they relate to each other. First, let’s look at the similarities between dance and software development. Both fields require a certain level of […]

  • Holy OpenAI, Batman

    A friend introduced me to https://chat.openai.com/chat today and holy hell I’m impressed. I told it to write a blog post based on my speaking bio: write a blog post about me based on this short description, “Rain Leander is a systematic, slightly psychic, interdisciplinary community liaison with a Bachelor’s in dance and a Master’s in […]

  • Does This Count?

    I know I said I wanted to write twice a week but #LIFE And other brilliant excuses. Please hold.

  • Sometimes You Need a Reset

    [COVID Day Five Hundred Something] I mean, there are some amazing reasons behind writing every single day. Even if every day isn’t a brilliant omg I can’t believe you said that day. And then there are reasons to, well, NOT. Moving across the pond – that’s a solid reason for not writing every single day. […]

  • Holy Crap

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Twenty Three] It’s been like ten forevers since I’ve blogged. Oke, but seriously, I am sorry I’ve been missing in action, but also it’s been #LikeThat THAT stressful. THAT busy. THAT low priority. Also, the site’s been broken – 503 – a LOT. And then the Add New and […]

  • What Is This Magic?!?

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Eighteen] Apparently complaining about JetPack and / or WordPress means that things will magically be fix in the night? Maybe? But, yegads, I’ve got days and days and days of posts to catch up on, eh? #PleaseHold