A Vacation From My Vacation

Yesterday I flew back from the States, jokingly to escape the Area 51 raid, but seriously cause it was the end of vacation and since said vacation was two weeks taking care of Boy Twin and Visiting Family, I am taking the next four work days off.

Also #JetLag

While I don’t normally do this, I have a ton of Paid Time Off accrued from when I was pregnant with twins and sick nearly every single day and all that vacation rolled over and since the project is mostly quiet in July and I’m also taking off for the week of Gish, I’m pretty much all of July.

My colleagues are going to forget what I look like!

But seriously there are three major projects I’m working on in my copious free time and I’m going to take the next few days to dive into them.

Would you like to know more?

Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash

Ifat and I are working together in a formal capacity – she DOES want a new site and a crash course on social media / SEO and I’m her person. Except then I was in the States, so now that I’m back, we’re going to meet and dive into her new brand.

I’ve taken up the mantle of Vice President of Public Relations for Toastmasters Groningen which means updating all the accounts / SEO / rebuilding the site. See a pattern here?


And, finally, many MANY months ago my FitBit watch broke, I posted it on twitter and one of the #DevRel people reached out to me privately and asked if I wanted the newest FitBit watch. All I had to do was build an app and write about the experience.

“Oh, yes, please!”

And while I got started, I never finished it / shipped it / wrote the blog post and so it’s HIGHLY OVERDUE. First of all, HOW AWESOME IS IT THAT THE LATEST FITBIT MODEL IS PROGRAMMABLE?!? And, second of all, I love this watch.

Photo by Jealous Weekends on Unsplash

And a kind of fourth project is actually writing / posting here.

And fifth is career stuff.

And. And. And, this is way more than three projects, Leander.

Hence, the vacation. From the vacation.

How do you tackle #AllTheThings – tell me in the comments.

Cause I’m obviously doing it wrong.

Or something.






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