“All Mouth No Trousers”

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Sixty Five]

I heard a new phrase yesterday – $TITLE – and it made me laugh so hard that I wrote it down.


I know. I’m totally shocked, too.

It means engaging in emptyboastful talk, but not of real substance.

Thx, A!

But first the news:

Really, I should write a script to pull those in, but I do it by hand, because #YOLO

Thx, M!

Apparently, today’s post is sponsored by all the wonderful interactions with my colleagues yesterday.

YUP, I ‘m totally up at five again this morning, but working from my office for two reasons.

  1. Fuck that spider.
  2. One of my colleagues (Hi, R!) joined into the morning celebration!

If you would also like to join the morning celebration, let me know how to contact you at ASS O CLOCK in the morning to let you know I’ve woken up. Eventually, I’d like this to change into a morning affirmation or something, but for now it’s just establishing the habit, so it’s, “Wh00t! I woke up early today with your help! Thx for your help!”


That’s what the message SHOULD be, but I do it as soon as I sit down to the laptop, so it’s usually, “Up at FIVE!! !” or “Hello from five in the morning!” or “Wh00t!” or “Awake Again! And much easier! Let’s keep this streak going!”


I think tomorrow is the real test – I’m “allowed” to sleep in on Sundays.

When our first minion arrived, it signalled the end of some of our favourite weekend habits – Leander Church, which is P and I going to the movies on Sunday mornings, P would hang with his colleagues on Friday night and I’d sleep in.

And dates. And hanging out with friends.

And so much more.


Pretty early on we made a deal – P could have Friday night / Saturday morning and I could have Saturday night / Sunday morning. Meaning he could hang with his colleagues on Friday night and sleep in until NINE if I could sleep in on Sunday.

I don’t really hang out.

This is why the game stream is scheduled for Saturday night.

And it works!

Until now?

If I sleep in until nine on Sunday, that means I won’t be sleepy on Sunday night which means I’ll stay up past my bad time. That means that five a.m. on Monday will be SUPER difficult.

And Mondays are hard enough as it is, #AMIRITE

So this Sunday.

For the first time in ages.

I’m getting up at five.

Because, dayum, I love the productivity that this morning thing brings.

I love getting the blogging DONE first thing in the morning. And super charged focus for tech studies when I’m finally awake as long as there aren’t any spiders. And streamlining the morning rush hour when we have to get the oldest to school.

After all, I don’t want to be all mouth, no trousers.

I want to speak softly and carry a big stick.