I’m down in Amsterdam today to visit the DevRel Salon AMS meetup group that’s Parisian Salon meets DevRel action meets AMSTERDAM.

I don’t know what that looks like either, so I’m super stoked to find out tonight.

And it really is That Cold.


Also, I’m the special guest at tonight’s meetup.

No pressure.

“This January, we are joined by special guest devreller Rain Leander, who will (we hope) regale us with stories in the OpenStack trenches, and maybe even something about the connection between live-action role-playing and developer advocacy.

Join us for an evening of tall tales, misadventures, and, yes, beer!”

The thing about this introduction is that Don and I found out that we already knew each other. Sort of.

Because of a little live action role play game.

That we both played.

Back in the day.

I realize that this is very short notice, but if you want to hear all the gory details, you’ll have to track us down TONIGHT in AMSTERDAM at the DevRelSalon at WATERKANT.

One time only, folks.

Or, you know, tackle either one of us at some random conference some time.

Either way.






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