And Now It’s First Minion’s Turn

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Twenty]

Photo by Magda V on Unsplash


This morning.

At one in the morning.

I have never been so happy to be second pick.

First Minion threw up in bed and called out for the one he wanted to come rescue him from all the grossness. And that person was Not Me.

But first the news:

During the first puking, Boy Twin needed cuddles, so I got out of bed, too, to help calm the Peanut Gallery.

It’s a hard life to lie in bed with a Boy Twin while he giggles and pets your face.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

But then for the second puking the twins just thought it was morning party time, “Can we go downstairs?”

No cuddling needed.

First Minion was finally thrown into the shower where he felt so much better just ten minutes later – this is the joy and curse of the night time puking. It’s easily fixed by a night time shower, but if the child is under six, they want company in said shower.

Thankfully, First Minion is six.

He was fine by himself.

And ready to go back to bed once P cleaned everything AGAIN.

Poor P.

This morning we assumed First Minion wouldn’t go into school and we were exhausted, so we let everyone sleep until 0730, but then the punk was not only totally fine, but ENERGETIC and BOUNCY.

I totally took him into school in a winter coat pulled over pajamas like a rockstar and, silver lining of COVID lockdown / emergency school – only one other parent and one teacher saw my onesie fabulousness.

That’s where we are these days, though, the stomach bug has now shot through every single family member, sometimes twice, and just when we think it’s over, well, it’s not.

I’m still laughing with the Universe, but the sleep deprivation is rather intense and I’m just thankful that my boss and Equinix Metal is so very supportive and patient.



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