And The Universe Laughed

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Twelve]

Not immediately after I wrote yesterday’s ZOMG Everyone is BETTER post Girl Twin super puked and it sucked but as I was falling asleep I literally laughed ALOUD remembering some of the details of the experience.

But first the news:

Just to be clear – those riots that are happening in the rest of the country are not happening here in Groningen province. And definitely not here in Haren.

I’ll let you know if that changes.

But let’s talk about puke cause that’s more fun.

Neither twin has been actually taking naps anymore, but we still send them to their room on the weekends for ‘quiet time’ even though we can hear the massive party they’re throwing as they literally RUN from one end of their room to the other or give Ms. Polly Pocket flying lessons.

But sometimes they do sleep and when they actually sleep we know they NEEDED it.

Like yesterday.

We have to wake them up by 1600 or bedtime is MORE of a chore, so that’s where we were yesterday, except Girl Twin REALLY didn’t want to wake up.

“I feel sick.”

She kept muttering.

And we believed her.

She snuggled up on one of us or the other, but couldn’t get comfortable.

And then she got up and started playing.

Even before she was up and at it, I asked P to grab the puke bucket from the kitchen – yup, we have a puke bucket – he did; brought it out and tucked it discreetly behind a chair.

For easy access.

Then he and Boy Twin ventured off to recycle glass which is a totally fun and legit bonding thing to do on the weekend just like fruit is a valid and wonderful choice for dessert.

Don’t judge.

I’m in the kitchen when I hear a muffled complaint from the living room.

I don’t catch the urgency of it, though, because I’m STROLLING back into the living room, saying, “What’s that?”

Girl Twin is standing in the middle of the living room, whining, “I feel sick!”

And making That Face.

I DIVE for the bucket and then DIVE for the expected SECOND launch target because she’s already puked by the time I get the bucket that’s been TUCKED AWAY BEHIND A CHAIR FOR EASY ACCESS.

And catch the rest of the puke.

I missed some. I know I missed some. But as I lay in bed last night remembering the day’s events, I literally laughed out loud when I remembered that in between Girl Twin’s next few hurls, First Minion helpfully points out, “You missed, Mama. There’s puke on the floor.”

“Thank you, First Minion. I know.”

And suddenly I’m grinning again cause it was So Fucking right out of a SitCom and even though I had to clean up puke and Girl Twin is sick again, damn, this house is a hilarious adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way.