And Then A Tornado

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Ninety Two]

Last night sirens started going off and the landscaper came in and ordered me into the basement immediately.


TL;DR we’re all fine.

I messaged the AirBNB host asking them if they also had sirens in Grosse Pointe Park and then forgot that my phone has a Do Not Disturb 20:00-08:00 so when they tried to message me / get more information / called four times / left two messages, I completely missed it all and I’m feeling really awful about that, even the next day.

So then there was drama cause apparently the landscaper should not have come in and potentially saved my life, but I suspect it was really born out of being scared / worried / tornado and I’ll admit, I was right there, too.

But what a kicker of an ending to this week’s adventure, eh?

Want to hear a bout our new house?

Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

We don’t have one.

We’re bidding on one right now, but it doesn’t look good.

So we’re shifting to renting now, which is fine. This is fine. It’s all going to be fine.

Really, at this point, at the end of the week in Detroit, I need to focus on the positive.

The wins.

I BOUGHT A CAR! Holy hell, that was some adventure all by itself, but it’s done and I’ve reserved long term airport parking and we’ll have a vehicle waiting for us as soon as we get off the plane.

I nabbed acetaminophen and gifts for the kids and the partner.

We got our earnest money back from Pemberton and did NOT buy a flood house. As incredibly tempting as it was to buy the most glorious castle ever. As tempting as it STILL IS to run back and buy it.

I got to see J and C and L. And meet a TON of beautiful souls in the Detroit / Pointes / Ferndale.

And tomorrow after my plane lands and I take a train and a bus and a train home, I get to pick up and cuddle the three most wonderful minions in the universe.

Sure, and see my partner, too.