And Why Are We In This Hand Basket?

[COVID Day Five Hundred Seventy One]

There are a ton of things going on these days, but I’m mostly focused on those super high cholesterol and triglyceride numbers.

Obsessed, even.

Healthy obsession, I promise.

When you’re going on a trip, it’s important to understand where you’re starting, where you’re going, and how you’re getting there.


Where Are We Starting?

I am five foot seven inches and currently weigh around one hundred eighty seven pounds.

My body composition analysis is around 82.5 pounds of body water, 30.4 pounds of dry lean mass, and 74.6 pounds of body fat mass.

The muscle-fat analysis says that while my weight is 187.5 pounds, my skeletal muscle mass is 62.6 pounds making my body fat mass around 74.6 pounds.

And my obesity analysis estimates my BMI is 29.4 and percent body fat is 39.9.

My cholesterol numbers are high at 208 milligrams (mg) per deciliter (dL) while the standard range is less than 200 mg/dL. And my triglyceride numbers are high at 182 mg/dL while the standard range is 150 mg/dL.

Finally, the Hemoglobin A1C results indicate an increased risk for diabetes (pre-diabetes): 5.7-6.4% with a value of 6.0% while the standard range is 4.0 – 5.6%.

Where Are We Going?

How Are We Getting There?

One of the biggest reasons I eat crap is because I forget to eat, my blood sugar drops, and then I eat EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.

What’s in sight? Junk.

And, well, DoorDash.

America makes junk food highly accessible.

Thankfully, America also makes health food fairly accessible (delicious kale chips, WHAT?!?) so as long as I remember to eat – plan ahead – set reminders – then I’ll make those healthy choices.

ASIDE: I totally just ordered Girl Scout cookies from my niece. Terrible timing, body. Really terrible timing.

Then I ordered a meal / food delivery service from HungryRoot which brags about its simple recipes but I’m more interested in someone else making those healthy choices for me.

Sadly the first delivery doesn’t arrive until 31 October, making it the worst Halloween ever, so in the meantime I’m using willpower and logic.

JUST KIDDING I’m totally finishing off ALL the junk in the house and ate McDonald’s quarter pounder with cheese medium menu last night for dinner and it’s probably just going to be more crap until 31 October.

Leander, STOP eating all the junk. And order. A smoothie. From DoorDash. NOW.


As for strength training and cardio, I already signed up for the gym and booked twenty four sessions with a personal trainer and let’s see what the next two months bring, eh?

Cause we scheduled FIVE AM three days a week and I’m pretty sure the personal trainer is full of regrets. Cause I am and we haven’t even started.

Seriously, though, this is fine.

This will be fine.

This is fine.

This is going to be fine.