Back in the Saddle or Something

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Ninety One]

Except for YESTERDAY, I have been waking up at seven or earlier for over ten days and YET this morning when we HAD TO GET UP BY SEVEN because the oldest HAD TO GET TO SCHOOL BY EIGHT, we totally slept in until seven TWENTY.

Twenty minutes, no big deal, #AmIRight and when it’s just two adults, no worries, we can book it to make up twenty minutes, but when there are three littles?

Super grumpy about getting up earlier than expected?

And get dressed and go now now now?

But first the news:

Shockingly, we were ON TIME.

Well, the kids were on time.

Photo by Sophie Dale on Unsplash

Even though I am physically at my desk and yes, have even attended some meetings today, my brain is SO NOT HERE.

I was just in a meeting where people were asking me questions and I said, “I don’t know my name right now.”

And I have another three hours of meetings, too?

Wish me luck.

And welcome to twenty twenty one.