But I Just Wrote A Post Nine Hours Ago

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Eighty One]

Writing one article right before bed and then another right before getting out of bed SUCKS.

But first the news:

I’ve got thirty SIX subscribers on YouTube!! !

Only sixty four more to a pretty link!! !

But, more importantly, I read “How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck” – not just that trailer, but the whole book.

Get ready for some hopefully not as suck videos!

This Saturday I had TWO of my favourite snarky friends on the escape room and it was amazing how much FUN I had with the comments. Also, the new angle from above totally works – and the simpler cameras – but the cards just aren’t readable.

It’s time to dust off the DSLR from the attic and see if we can set up a super tight card close up shot.

You know what would be ideal?

If I was simulcast streaming to each destination such that people could look at the angle they wanted to at any given second.

Or if I set up an interactive stream so you could click between cameras as you liked.

Definitely pie in the sky stuff.

But it’s good to have a goal.

In the meantime, I want to set up a shot that allows people to read the cards.

Queue me silently brainstorming how to do this without writing anymore. Bubye morning pages intention. Hello staring at the screen without actually doing anything.

Obviously, this requires more research.

You know what else requires more research? How to tie up a post. How to write the ending. How to write blog articles that don’t end with leave your comments below. Or make a YouTube post without saying hit the like button and subscribe below. Or any of the other inane growth ‘hacks’ that seem like spam. And, more importantly, don’t resonate with me.

I’ll figure it out.

But you’re definitely watching a work in progress until I do.