Clue Box PRO Sherlock’s Camera Escape Room Stream


1900 Eastern US!

I’ll stream on Twitch, YouTube, and X / Twitter!! !

I can only figure it out WITH YOUR HELP!

London 2023.

During the inventory in Scotland Yard archives, an unclaimed parcel dated 1914 was discovered. Upon unwrapping, an object resembling a camera was revealed. However, the camera contained enigmatic symbols and locks instead of the common mechanism.

The following note was enclosed:

Handwriting examination and other solid evidence helped to determine that the parcel was sent by none other than Sherlock Holmes! No one at Scotland Yard has succeeded in solving the detective’s last mystery.

Now they are passing the enigmatic camera on to us. 

They are convinced we will be able to solve the puzzle and reveal the identity of Sherlock Holmes’ successor!

It’s us, isn’t it? We’re Sherlock Holmes’ successor.

I’m betting it’s a tiny mirror.

What do you think?

See you tonight!