Confessions of a Gamer

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Fifty Three]

Last night I live stream FAILED on, twitter, and youtube – failed in that I got SUPER stuck solving the escape room I was doing and I ended up looking at the solutions and STILL didn’t understand what I did wrong.

But first the news:

Except I don’t actually count it as a fail because I figured out a few things.

Photo by Hannah Pemberton on Unsplash

First of all, just cause I didn’t figure it out doesn’t mean I failed. It’s an opportunity to learn.


But THEN I figured it out today.

I tackled the game again today, with Girl Twin’s help, and figured it out. The missing card the reason why the solutions didn’t make sense – everything.


Also, I realized that while my views are SUPER low on YouTube (1-3) AND (1-2) – because I just opened those accounts. And that my numbers on Twitter are comparatively ridiculous (40+) because I’ve had that account for a while. Therefore I realized I need to be streaming to FACEBOOK,, and Twitter if I want higher view numbers – which is what I need for more feedback which is what I want to get better faster. And YouTube can be where I post the vlogs – and post the stream content there – cause it doesn’t NEED to be live.

So three things that indicate yesterday was so totally not a fail.

But there’s also every stream is a win. Every blog post is a win. Every day I get out of bed is a win. Every day that I brush my teeth and snuggle a minion and make healthy choices is a win.

Every day that I’m alive is a win.

Also it’s totally time to go to bed at 2230 cause I’m getting up at 0530 cause Friday was AMAZING.

And that will so totally be a win.






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