Drumroll, Please

Photo by Ingridi Alves Photograph on Unsplash

I have overhauled the design once again.

Can I get a what what?

But, more importantly, what do you think? Does it break on your mobile / tablet / computer? Does it function fine on chrome / safari / firefox?

Do people even use internet explorer anymore?

I’m on the fence on the top pictures – they randomize between a collection of greyscale dance pics, but they don’t really do anything for me…

except, y’know, #DANCE…

And that’s the thing – this site is VERY technical – VERY logical – VERY greyscale.

Literally no color whatsoever.

And that bothers me.

Maybe hyperlinks need to be bright red? Or titles need to be lilac?!? Or let the pictures in the posts be the only bit of color in an otherwise grey scale world?

We’ll see?

I’ll probably chuck it all and do something difference next month.

This week I hope to write every single week day.

No, I’m going to dial that back immediately.

I hope to write twice a week.

Because leaping from zero to daily is Too Much ™ so I’m going to put my toes into twice a week and go from there. I truly miss daily writing but I’m also starting a new job and there’s still a lot of chaos in my personal life even if I’m not writing about it openly.

Fading, but still here.

I’m not even sure I want to commit to which two days of the week but knowing me and my awesome habit of procrastination, it’ll end up being Thursdays / Fridays.

Wish me luck?