Dutch Lock Down Day Eight

Alt Title: “This Roller Coaster Fucking Sucks”

Strap in, Warriors, this one’s a doozy.

First, awesome news! Cause we always start with awesome news? No, cause this roller coaster is SEQUENTIAL.

Yay, news from the daycare!

I’ll admit, I winced.

There have been SO MANY SHITTY EMAILS from so many places with updates around the coronavirus that I totally thought this was yet another negative email, but, since it was a super long newsletter, I slapped it into the translator, took a sip of super delicious English Breakfast tea and held my breath.

And re-read.

And then literally burst into tears.

Context is important – when all the daycares and schools and such shut down, those of us who have contracts with said daycares were required to keep paying even though our children weren’t going.

To cover the cost of daycare for crisis workers.

So they can do their jobs.


And today the daycares informed us that the government is going to pay back those parents who are paying but are keeping their kids at home.

Which means we can keep employing the emergency caregiver.

Every day.

Including the weekends.

Tears. Of. Relief. And. JOY.

Photo by blueberry Maki on Unsplash

Almost instantly after this, I heard the announcement that the Dutch crisis committee is to meet amid calls for tougher anti-corona measures.

See, this weekend was REALLY FREAKING COLD but also SUNNY.

And when it’s SUNNY, we can’t help it, we go outside.

Just like sunflowers, smiling, facing the sun.


SOME people didn’t just go outside into their backyards or on their porches, but drove to PARKS and BEACHES and stood side by side like sardines, worshiping the sunlight.

And by SOME, I mean a LOT of people.

So many people that it made news.

So many people that there was a post sent out over the emergency alert system to stand 1.5 meters apart.

So many people that the Dutch crisis committee met today and this is where the roller coaster gets super lame.

And the next FIVE DAYS? Supposed to be SUPER sunny, too.


The Dutch ban gatherings until June 1, give mayors more powers, bring in fines


There’s a ban on all organized gatherings of three or more people until 01 June.

That covers Liberation Day AND King’s Day.

….well, shit.

Mayors can fine people who are in gatherings of more than three people. Or who won’t stand more than 1.5 meters apart.

….well, FUCK.

“Do not go out unless you have to leave to go to work, or do do shopping. Go shopping alone. And if you do want to go for a walk, don’t go in a group.”

Ferd Grapperhaus, Justice Minister

There have been a LOT of younger people who are gathering in parks, hanging out, playing sports together in groups.

And literally going on tv saying they’re not worried.

Distilling it down – we can still go on walks in the mornings, but not as a whole family – we have to split into three and two.

No big deal because Boy Twin doesn’t want to keep up with the five year old or Girl Twin anyway. He does what he wants.

And our caregiver can still come over to our house to take care of the kids because it’s her job.

I guess? I hope?

Better to ask for forgiveness than permission?


Photo by James Butterly on Unsplash

Are you ready for the frosting on the cake?

The kicker in the pants?


It’s only day eight.



Buckle up, Warriors, it’s going to be an even bumpier ride.