Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Forty

[First! Vlog! EVER!! !]

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I didn’t actually think I’d get this published today.


But first the news:

If you’re keen to learn about The Farmer Project or keen to listen to me be silly or keen to see my beautiful face, check out the video after the jump!

A few observations post publishing:

  • ZOMG YouTube does this premiere thing with the upload. It even has this chat feature going. How long does that last?
  • How does one do a title / intro video?
  • I need to get WAY MORE comfortable with editing.
  • I say um more if I’m particularly nervous.
  • I was particularly nervous doing this video.
  • I managed to LISTEN to this video ONCE. I need to get over that. Especially for the purposes of editing.
  • My voice has become less annoying to me than it used to be – it used to be akin to nails on chalkboard. Now it’s… listenable. Watching myself, though, is still nails.
  • Pink hair is pink.
  • I’m really proud that I actually recorded this and uploaded this and embedded this on groningenrain.nl and published the post. Baby steps.
  • Vlogging is very different than streaming.
  • What do you think?