Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Thirty One

[Please Note: I Am REALLY Sleep Deprived]

I was on my way to bed when I realized I hadn’t blogged and I blog every day and so I’m here and I’m falling asleep as I write.

But first the news:

Damnit, Dutch.

So basically our numbers are creeping back up, but people are REALLY sick of lock down / corona rules.

Good times.

The other day, no, wait, that was last weekend. Last weekend we had two children over and our five children were playing independently – without P or I – and we looked at each other and grinned like idiots.


Cause last night karma came back and laughed out loud.

When you’re a child and you get a mosquito bite, first of all, your little body doesn’t know how to react to that bite – it’s never had that saliva in the blood stream, so mosquito bites tend to be larger on little bitties anyway.


Since they don’t know or CAN’T resist scratching, those damn things get HUGE and ITCH.

Say, bigger than a two euro coin.

And itchy enough to wake you up.

At two in the morning.

And since you can’t stop scratching and it’s dark and quiet, you just lay there in bed miserable and softly crying to yourself and maybe trying to call out for Mama or Papa and that’s where we were last night at, yes, two in the morning.

Papa got up, figured things out; and I didn’t wake up until I heard him and oldest minion headed upstairs to the guest bedroom – suddenly there wasn’t any mosquito bite anymore, but just joy of a new adventure.

Sleeping with Papa?

In a different bed?


Of course, then boy twin watched all this and cried out at the unfair situation; why couldn’t he go sleep with papa in a different bed ON A DIFFERENT FLOOR?


Long story short, Papa and oldest stayed awake for another hour.

Mama and the twins partied until FIVE. THIRTY.

The sun was totally and complete UP.





It’s been a rough day. But we did it! And now it’s time for bedness and I swear I’m going to kill every single mosquito ever forever and ever if anyone wakes up any earlier than eight.