Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Thirty Two

[Today I Learned: Self Help Books]

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

I’ve got quite a lot of books to read over in The Farmer Project and while these aren’t my preferred sci fi or deeply technical books, they do have valuable information gems.

But first the news:

Have you heard of Blinkist?

It basically sums up nonfiction books so you can inhale the information quickly. And while it’s cool to have the app on your phone and just get the single free book per day, I’m not sure it’s worth the paid membership.

A few days ago I started reading Extreme Ownership: How US Navy Seals Lead and Win and I noticed that every chapter was divided into SEAL stories, a specific principle, and how it applies to the business world.

And while, sure, I did grow up in the US Air Force, I’m not so much of a Navy SEAL fan that I’m interested in reading those stories. Therefore, I went through the book and just read the principles. And while the points are sound, you could just read all twelve points here.

Unless you REALLY want stories about the US Navy during the Iraq war.

Which maybe that’s your jam; that’s cool, too.

I finished reading Extreme Ownership this morning and I opened up the next book, Deep Work by Cal Newport and by looking at the chapters, I can tell that I want to skip the first three: Deep Work is Valuable, Deep Work is Rare, and Deep Work is Meaningful cause I’m just looking for the kernel.

Now, at first I skipped all the way to the Conclusion, but it basically was talking about about how Bill Gates was so successful because of his ability to work deeply. After a few pages, I let it go because it read like an introduction.

So NOW I’m reading just the rules: work deeply, embrace boredom, quit social media, and drain the shallows.

I’ll admit I’m totally skeptical about the ‘quit social media’ bit.

But keep open mind, eh?

Does this work with all nonfiction books? Rather, with all self help books?

I would imagine not, but until then, I’m loving this way to quickly inhale knowledge.

Do you have tips or tricks for reading nonfiction or self help? I’d love to hear it! Be sure to reply where ever you read this article or directly on groningenrain.nl.