Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Twenty Three

[Look Who’s Writing In The Morning]

I mean, sure, maybe the news won’t be as available, but that just means there are fewer news links. Or none at all.

But first the news:

I mean, nltimes.nl consistently has the most recent news, but that writing titles in all caps thing is ANNOYING, PEOPLE.


I’m working with a life coach on The Farmer Project (Hi, R!) and there’s this teeny tiny trick that I learned yesterday that I just HAVE TO SHARE.

This project has one main project, but three supporting project – if you haven’t read about it already, the TL;DR is:

  • The Farmer Project : I will be a top influencer in the open source, bare metal, cloud computing, and developer relations fields.
  • Phenomenal Technical Aptitude : Of the open source, bare metal, cloud computing, and developer relations fields.
  • A HouseHold Name : A lot of social media and marketing and blog posts and collaboration and open source contributions and networking and development or improvement of supporting skills.
  • Wake Up Beauty, It’s Time To Beast : Physical AND mental awesomeness.

Okay, so the trick is!

To actually block out time for when you’re going to work on each of these projects. In your agenda. Now.

I already had my exercise times blocked out with my personal trainer. (Hi, I!) Because it’s an appointment. With another person. So it made sense to block it out.

But you can do that with projects as well – to dedicate time to that project.

And because Phenomenal Technical Aptitude and A HouseHold Name are directly work related, I’ve blocked them out Monday – Friday in the mornings before exercise. And on Sunday mornings from 0900-1300 I work on the Farmer Project.


Sure, I’ve only been doing it for a day, but this morning was incredibly productive. AND I studied Tinkerbell / prepared for participating in OpenDev Hardware Automation next week.

Also I spent this morning figuring out that I can’t change my work laptop password and it’s always going to be reset to my corporate password and that’s super creepy because it means it’s registered with ldap or somewhere in Equinix and also it’s not documented anywhere that your password will be reset every time and so I’ve been struggling with password resets EVERY TIME I had to reboot my laptop.

I’ll admit I almost cried from frustration.

And then I got really pissed cause 1. The Man and 2. DOCUMENTATION.

But, yeah, block out time in your agenda if you really want to get something done.