Dutch Lock Down Day Thirty Six

Alternative Title: Generic Hello Hi How Are You?

I made a post weeks and weeks and weeks ago about how I was starting to normalize because I was having actual nightmares rather than crowded dreams that I’d wake up to this nightmare from, but I was on a walk today and ACTUALLY felt CONTENT.

Maybe not joyous or actually happy or whatever, but quietly happy.


It was nice.

But first the news:

Today was a fairly productive day.

Not the best day, but not the worse day either.

Also, it’s been five weeks now?

I didn’t hit ten thousand steps, but I hit nine thousand.

I drank coke today, but only one glass.

I took a nap but it was because of sleep deprivation instead of depression. And I got up with the twins afterwards.

I’m still considered officially sick, but I worked a ‘full’ four hour day.

It’s all about perspective, eh?

Not the worse day, but not the best.

And that’s okay.






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