Escape Room: Davy Jones’ Locker

[COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Eight]

I did the second! Ever! Escape! Room! Stream! From AMERICA! Tonight!

I’m just as excited as you are.


A 90 min escape room in a box. This is an interactive box with various puzzles, which have to be solved one after the other to open the box.

In other words, this is an Escape Room in a handy format!

There is nothing based on randomness, but only on logical decisions.


London, 1720. Ian Kensington, captain of the British Engineering Forces, is responsible for the first successful recovery of a sunken ship. In the report to His Majesty King George I of England, Kensington mentions Davy Jones’ locker for the first time. Despite it being a real artifact, he describes the locker in the context of a legend about the sea devil Davy Jones, who supposedly locks away the wandering souls of all sailors who lose their lives at the sea. It is told that on each sunken ship, he hides a replicate of the locker, promising to release all souls if someone manages to open the box.

Since the first find, similar lockers were found in shipwrecks scattered around the world. Some of them are still kept in private collections, others in museums. However, nobody has been able to reveal their secret so far. We are sure that you are the one, who will finally be able to open the locker and force Davy Jones to admit his defeat.


– It is made with love of birch wood and wood oil.
– It consists of 72 individual parts which are crafted with care by hand

We wish you an unforgettable experience with the ClueBox!