Escape Room: Enigmati-c-aper Puzzle Room

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Forty One]

Doing a live stream at night isn’t so exhausting in the moment, but afterwards, yeah, I could go to bed NOW.

Maybe Monday night isn’t so wise.

But first the news:

I’m also thinking of night streaming on Saturday nights, which makes more sense because I can actually “sleep in” two whole hours on Sunday mornings, but tomorrow morning? Bright and early at 0715, damnit.

Earlier, if one of the kids says so.

Photo by Liam Shaw on Unsplash

The idea is that the morning streaming will be tech demos (as it’s during WORK) and the evening streaming will be gaming / escape rooms (cause that’s my jam) and now that I’ve actually done a night stream, I’m thinking NOPE – not on Monday nights.

Cause hoo boy.


Welcome to the Enigmati-c-aper Puzzle Room!

Tonight I did a room that I’ve already done with a friend (Hi, C!) but that was three months or so ago so I wasn’t entirely sure I’d remember how to do all the things, but also she solved some of the puzzles and I didn’t quite catch the answers, but I’ll admit that I had the shared answers file in my other monitor just in case I got totally stuck.

But I didn’t.

My absolutely favourite clip is when I actually solved the puzzle.

But if you wanna see the whole thing, check it out here:

And, YES, I’m totally wearing a unicorn onesie with a packet tee shirt underneath cause #WINNING

And what a wonderful combination it is.

G’night, Fellow Adventurers.

May your sword be sharp and your wit sharper.