Fuck. And Now The Twins Are Sick.

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Ten]

Remember how I was sick last week?

The twins have been dealing with Something Similar(tm) THIS week.

As in, one will get a temperature, come home from daycare, and be fine by the next morning. Then the other will throw up, come home from daycare, and be fine by next morning.


Every. Single. Day.

But first the news:

Yesterday was no exception.

Literally, I finish my talk for SheSharp Community Day, and the daycare calls to say Girl Twin threw up.

Awesome timing.

The thing keeping me calm is that I took the COVID test on Saturday and it was negative, so we know this isn’t COVID for the Littles.

The other thing keeping me calm is that First Minion hasn’t shown any symptoms whatsoever.



Last night I was so exhausted that I went to bed at EIGHT.


No one needed attention in the night.

No pukes. No poops. No howls. No nightmares.

Everyone got a full night sleep and I even got EXTRA sleep.


This morning Boy Twin doesn’t want solids – so that sucks – but Girl Twin is drinking water and eating plain corn flakes without milk and keeping everything down – so I’m calling it a win.

Wish me luck.






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