Groningen Emigration and De-Registration

[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Twelve]

I’m still not ready to talk about Zoe but I’m ready to talk about other things.

Like how we just emigrated from the Netherlands and deregistered.

But first the news:

We were totally supposed to do this on the day we left [MWAHAHAHAHA] or up to five days beforehand, but we misread the site and thought we had up to five days AFTER the move to report – and, well, here we are.

Photo by Matteo Raw on Unsplash

Gemeente Groningen
P.O. Box 30026
9700 RM Groningen

16 August 2021

To whom it may concern:

My partner and I have moved to the United States and are sending you this information, sadly, quite late – we officially moved as of 07 August 2021 and do not plan to return.

My name is Your Royal Majesty Rain Leander with BSN 123456789 and my partner’s name is Dr. Leander with BSN 123456789. Our children moved with us: First Minion Leander with BSN 123456789, Girl Twin Leander with BSN 123456789, and Boy Twin Leander with BSN 123456789. 

We have enclosed copies of everyone’s passports.

I trust you have been well informed.







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