I Exist!

[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Fifty Four]

It’s not a song or anything, I’m just saying I’m not a bot.

I’m here.

Just still… settling in and figuring things out.

Like daily routines for example…

I rip myself out of bed at seven twenty in order to get kids dressed but I forgot to bring up their clothes, so I can only get them half dressed before it’s time to go downstairs for breakfast and then that’s messed up cause they have to be at school / daycare forty eight minutes apart and I’m still … lying back in bed cause I #CantEven

So what do I *WANT* my routines to look like?

Well, kinda like they used to… but… different.

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

0430-0500 get up, depending on when my smart alarm says is the gentlest time to wake up which means STOP WAKING UP BETWEEN 0300 AND 0400 TWINS

0500-0600 long walk around the neighborhood wearing a reflective light system because there are NONE street lights in this neighborhood…. nor sidewalks so I’m walking on the street in pitch black #NoPressure #NotStressfulAtAll

0600-0720 study languages, yin yoga, meditate, eat breakfast, morning pages, and blog

0720-0800 morning rush hour / wake up minions / survive

0800-1730 werk

1730-2000 evening rush hour / minions / survive

2000-2100 wind down / minimize electronics / read / chill

2100 bed

I have no idea how reasonable this is… Sure, maybe I enroll in a gym to eliminate that weird morning walk action…. but I have yet to wake up at five in the morning without interference. From Minions.

Wish me luck, eh?