I’d Much Rather Talk About Gaming, Wouldn’t You

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Forty]

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

I did NOT feel like puking this morning when I woke up, but, sadly, it’s because I woke up from a nightmare.


But first the news:

I also went to bed at NINE instead of 21:30 ish and when the alarm went off this morning at I don’t know o’clock I turned it off IN MY SLEEP.

Apparently if I’m not listening to my body, my body takes over.


A good friend, S, is coming over tonight for dinner and streaming and while it may seem that she only helps me by doing maths, we conquer MUCH harder games than I can do on my own.

And since the hardest game on UNLOCK! Escape Adventures also happens to be two player, we’re totally attacking The Island of Doctor Goorse. Which I tried to attack on my own several weeks ago and then realized it was two player when I read the instructions.


But we get to do it tonight! I have no idea how it’ll go.

Nor how I’ll stream it.

Because, frankly . . . well, wait.

I can do this.

I have two desks in here.

And two ring lights.

Plus it’ll keep us 1.5 metres apart to do this game.

Welcome to Rain’s stream of consciousness problem solving morning, everyone!

Oke, so it’s doable, I just need to set up a few things earlier.

See you tonight at 1930 GMT+1 on Twitch or Twitter / Persicope or YouTube or FaceBook!