Is That Light At The End Of The Tunnel?!?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Eleven]

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

It seems there’s light at the end of the tunnel as neither twin has thrown up or burst into flame or otherwise indicated agitation beyond wanting to watch Elsa AGAIN.

Or Morphle.

Frakin’ Morphle.

But first the news:

There’s a superstitious part of me that doesn’t want to mention that we’ve got an entire twenty four hours free of any symptoms whatsoever – INCLUDING me – and I’m sort of hopeful that this stomach flu has passed.

Pun intended.

I still haven’t quite caught up on sleep yet – but it might be that I’m still just a little sick?

I yawn a lot. And there’s still a bit of extra phlegm.

I wish I could expect more detailed responses when I asked the three year olds how they felt cause I only know that they don’t have pain. That they haven’t puked. That they don’t have a temperature. And that they mostly seem to have a lot of energy.

Besides the yawns, things have mostly returned to ‘normal’ here in the Leander house.

Even the curfew, which started last night, doesn’t really affect our sleepy little town – we’re in a village that’s big enough to have a train stop, but not big enough to get its own movie theatre.

People don’t really stay out late here anyway, but even if a few people sneak about, the police station is a business hours type of place – totally closed after hours.

Maybe that’ll change?

But unlike my high school days, I don’t feel like sneaking around at night to find out who’s watching.

ASIDE: For my senior year of high school, my mother and I lived on an Air Force base which had a bit of a curfew – sort of? I don’t know if it was official. But if you were a punk out running around late at night, the base police would try to catch you to take you back to your dorm / house / apartment / domicile. And if you were caught, your parent could get in trouble for your behaviour. So we didn’t get caught.

SECOND ASIDE: I had to pause to do some chores before finishing and Boy Twin came home from a walk and Girl Twin walked up to him and hugged him and he hugged her back and I died from the cuteness. So that’s where we are and it isn’t so bad.






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