It’s NOT a Highly Effective Alarm Clock

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Fifty Four]

Remember how I totally meant to get up between five and five thirty?

I set my alarm clock.

Got to bed by eleven.

But first the news:

The alarm has ‘smart wake’ enabled:

When enabled, Smart Wake attempts to find the best time to wake you starting 30 minutes before the alarm time you set. It avoids waking you during deep sleep so you’re more likely to wake up feeling refreshed. If Smart Wake can’t find the best time to wake you, your alarm alerts you at the set time.

Since I set it for 0530, it starts paying attention to how my sleep is going – presumably based on how much I’m moving around and my heart rate – and this morning it went off at 0517.

I remember because I woke up immediately, looked at it, though, time to get up!

And turned it off.

I got up, snuck downstairs, and then… woke up because the next alarm – 0645 – was going off.

0645 is when P needs to get the milks to the twins and jump in the shower.

Oh, snap; I totally slept and dreamt that morning productivity!

Okay, so NOW I’m getting up, getting P up, grabbing the kids’ clothes…

And I jerked awake at 0706.

“P, it’s time. And we slept in.”

We both had trouble getting up and it means that we’re both still groggy, even though it’s now the early afternoon.


Now, yes, I could let that trip me up and keep me down, but instead I’m going to set my alarm clock again. And again aim for an early bedtime tonight. And again imagine getting out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off between 0500 and 0530 with faith that it’s my lightest sleep mode.

In the morning I’ll sneak downstairs to do yin yoga, meditate, and study Swedish, Japanese, and Dutch. Then I’ll close the door to the upstairs AND the door to the kitchen to make a protein shake. I’ll drink the shake and then read until the 0645 alarm goes off to start the morning rush hour.

I can see it.

And tomorrow I’ll do it.