Just Do The Things

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Seventy Seven]

Part of why the morning productivity has eroded somewhat is that I get lost in the ‘Tubes. Not just the internet – twitter, facebook, insta – but checking email / slack for work and browsing YouTube / Twitch / Periscope.

I *need* to dive directly into morning pages as soon as I get down here, but did I figure that out in time to do make this morning as productive as it can be?

Don’t be silly.

But first the news:

Yes, I’ve already been awake for over an hour and I’m just now getting down to this writing thing.


One of the biggest pulls for getting up at this super early hour was to tackle the technical project, because the leadership project is a bit easier I can do it right before I go to bed or while I’m going on a long walk. The technical project requires focus that I only have between waking and lunch.

It’s not that I’m less focused after lunch, but that I have meetings and The Evening Rush Hour from around 1400 until 1900.

It’s a lot, I agree.

So the biggest pull was having that time for focus, except I also want to do morning pages, publish here, do yin yoga, study Dutch, Japanese, and Swedish, meditate, and drink a protein shake.

Why can’t I do all that 0500-0645?

Because ‘Tubes, yo.

It seems like a lot, but it’s not, most things happen simultaneously. Take a gander:

0500-0600 morning pages / blog post
0600-0630 yin yoga / languages / meditate
0630-0645 protein shake
0645-0845 morning rush hour

No time for technical. But, really, since the technical is still related to my day job, I can take a few minutes here and there to focus on it. It’s only when I start to dive into unrelated things that I’ll need to find time outside of work.

To that end, I’m giving myself permission to not do technical things in the mornings. And I think that the productivity and energy that I have the rest of the day will still pull me out of bed.

I think.

I hope.

I wish?

We’ll see tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off, eh?