Last Five a.m. Wake Up Post, I Swear!

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Sixty Nine]

Actual out of bed time?



But first the news:


Because last night was also rough, but better than the night before and sometimes it’s more important to focus on the positive than beat yourself up about the negative.

Wait, when it is EVER better to beat yourself up about the negative?


Enthusiasm / passion / fire has definitely waned for The Farmer Project. There’s still a spark, don’t get me wrong, and I’m still doing the things on the lists, but it no longer rips me out of bed like it used to – one week of five a.m. wake ups aside.

I brought it up with the life coach last week and she encouraged me to write about my future self, having completed all the things.

While normally I dive into all the ToDos from our sessions immediately, this one has sat – waiting until the deadline looms. And I’m even writing… slowly… right now.

I don’t wanna.


Oke, Leander, let’s unpack this.

The Farmer Project

I imagine a future where I’ve completed all the things.

What does that look like?

Well, first of all, the milestones have expanded a bit because there always seems to be more things to do within each project. But not impossibly – you’ve got this. And you know because you’ve finished the original milestones and all the ones that evolved as the project progressed.

I’ve become someone you immediately think of when you need someone to give a keynote about open source or bare metal or cloud computing or developer relations or mental health. Or someone you absolutely swoon about when you find out they’re giving the keynote at a conference you’re attending. And I’m inspiring, encouraging, and empowering the next generation of non-binary and queer people to join, shape, and revolutionise the tech industry. 

Wake Up Beauty It’s Time To Beast [Health]

It’s not so much that I will be super CUT or SWOL or whatever the kids are calling it these days, but that I will be able to lift and dance and play with the minions. In the past I could hang for about five minutes before I was out of breath or exhausted or Just Can’t Even and I’m so thankful I’ve fixed that!

I am able to lift the minions – even as they grow heavier. I am able to dance with them – even as they whirl around the world. I am able to play with them – even as they travel through life.

And I look great on stage. Now that we’re using stages again.

Other People’s Computers [Technical]

I am an expert in the open source, bare metal, cloud computing, and developer relations fields. 

I have built something AMAZING that makes things better and Just Works. It has a massive following and collaborative community and dozens of maintainers who support one another and the project. 

And I’m keynoting at massive conferences all over the world, but only once a quarter because I love spending time with my family as well as passing opportunities on to underrepresented individuals within the tech industry.

Speak Softly / Carry a Big Stick [Leadership]

I have revolutionised the bare metal, cloud computing, developer relations, and open source industries through my badass leadership skills including time management, productivity, and project management.

I have inspired other non-binary and queer people to become leaders within the tech industry and I’m especially overjoyed to see a playful empathetic technical industry where people delight to help others and compete against their own best selves.