Let’s Keep It Low Key, Shall We?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Sixty Eight]

First Minion: “Can I have some chips please?”

Boy Twin: “Chips!”

Papa: “Go get the chips and a bowl and bring them here.”

Boy Twin and First Minion race to get the chips – Boy Twin wins, bringing the chips back to Papa first.

Papa: “Go get bowls.”

First Minion goes and gets a bowl. Boy Twin goes and gets the BIGGEST PLATE HE CAN FIND.

Well played, Boy Twin.

Well done.

But first the news:

Now the servings are eaten and Boy Twin has put away and retrieved the bag of chips TWICE.

He’ll put them away, but he’s bringing them back out.

Don’t @ me.

The twins are solidly at That Age [0] where emotions and situations are more complicated than ever without the language skills to express them – hence SO MUCH HOWLING.

[0] Threenagers. They’re Threenagers.

And yet.

There are moments like this when They do things they’ve never done before that shows their new personalities, exploding with humour and wisdom, that make this time a bit less miserable.