Moving Back to the States: Jet Lag

[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Six]

First of all, Zoe totally came with us to America!

And second of all, it’s seven twenty local time in Ypsilanti Michigan United States which means it’s one twenty in the morning back in Haren Groningen Netherlands and OH GOD I’M GOING TO THROW UP FROM EXHAUSTION.

But first the news:

Why is it so hard to stay up just a few hours later?

I’m sure there was a fabulous brilliant point I was about to make but I’m so exhausted I can’t even stay focused. My only goal for tonight is to stay awake for another ninety minutes and the adorable little cat next to me (who isn’t Zoe) is literally SNORING contentedly curled up and completely RUBBING IT IN that he can totally sleep ANYTIME HE LIKES and I have to stay awake for another NINETY MINUTES.