Moving Back to the States: Shit Just Got Real

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Fifty Two]

Photo by Lucas Metz on Unsplash

We are officially under contract!

Many contracts, actually.

Our house here in Groningen is officially under contract to be bought and can I just take a minute to – SQUEEE!! ! – cause we did not even go on the MARKET.

We told our friends. Who told their friends. Who bought our house.

We did not even stage the house.

Which, for me, is a bit sad, but also saves time, money, and mental health, so I’m ultimately oke with it.

And then ALSO we’re officially under contract to buy a house in Detroit and can I also just take a minute to SQUEEE!! ! because IT ALSO NEVER WANT ON THE MARKET.

Do you see a pattern?

Ultimately, though, in case it wasn’t clear already, this means we’re for realsies really moving to Detroit Michigan in the United States of America and I think my brain is taking a minute to mourn what I’m about to lose.

Photo by Anelale Nájera on Unsplash

While there are definitely things about and people in the United States that I absolutely cannot wait to experience and reconnect with, I am going to miss so very many of my incredible friends and experiences here in the Netherlands.

I’ll be on the phone with C and my brain goes, “I’m going to miss this.”

On the morning walk around town, “I’m going to miss this.”

Working out with my personal trainer, “I’m going to miss this.”

Eating fries at the local cafe terrace, “I’m going to miss this.”

Coding in my office with the doors wide open, “I’m going to miss this.”

And it’s starting to sink in – we’re really actually moving.

Leaving the Netherlands.

And I’m oh so very much going to miss this.