Moving Back to the States: The Last Sunday

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Ninety Nine]

We are officially under contract for another house.
A house that doesn’t look like a castle.
A house that doesn’t flood.

A house that I absolutely adore.

But first the news:

To soften the blow of leaving the Netherlands, we rented a professional massive bouncy house for the day.

It’s going just as well as you’d expect.

Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

First and foremost there’s a sign on it that says no one over one point four meters may USE the bouncy house.

Which is totally bullshit.

Mostly because I am one point SEVEN meters tall.


And then there’s the fact that a nearly seven year old and three year olds have very different playing styles.

And a three year old boy and a three year old girl have very different play styles.

The bouncy house has been here less than an hour.

And First Minion is already in time out for kicking his brother.

After many warnings.

“Be gentle with your brother!”
“No jumping AT your brother!”
“Watch your legs!”
“You can’t block the slide. Everyone gets to go over the slide.”
“Let your brother have a turn!”

To be clear, Girl Twin brilliant wants NOTHING to do with the bouncy house. I have a feeling once the boys are bored / inside / no longer using it, she’ll dive right in.

As long as it’s on her terms.