Moving Back to the States: The Movers And STRESS

[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Three]

The movers came and went and YES there were totally times when I lost my goddamned mind.

Besides the movers coming, my second most stressful event about this whole event happened this morning – the entire family had COVID tests.

Plus $25k disappeared.

But first the news:

Movers came and this move is entirely strange because we’re not taking everything.

Our major furniture like couches and chairs was shredded long ago by a certain cat who shall remain nameless [ZOE!] and we simply never replaced them because we then had minions and you really can’t have nice things when they’re young.

And then all of our electronics can’t go.

Cause #America

It me

I was going to carefully move everything that was staying to one section of the house and Not Staying to another but instead I fell apart these past few days and the result is that when we walked through the house pointing out what was going and what was staying, well, things were missed.

And I even walked through the house when they were done to confirm everything was Sorted(tm).

Which is why it’s absolutely not surprising that we noticed a few things we forgot after the moving van was long gone.

And because it was something very big and very heavy and very sentimental, I fell apart.

Tears and snot and everything.

It would’ve cost literally thousands to ship.

And then along came S. Who loves that style of decoration and just happens to be looking for lights for her new house and took one look and said, “Yes, please.”

And I was SO RELIEVED because it’s not so much that it wasn’t coming with us as much as that it was going to go to scrap / recycling / landfill and damnit, that’s such a waste.


The COVID tests are much more anticlimatic in that I was very stressed about how craptastic an experience it was going to be for the minions and it turns out that a covid test for kids under twelve is “only” three seconds instead of five seconds of Hell.

They did great.


And THEN the car dealership emailed today to say that they couldn’t find the wire transfer in their system – it left our account successfully on the 25th of July, so, yes, it totally should’ve been in their account by now.

I carefully documented the exact numbers and verified that it hadn’t been returned to my account and emailed as much along with screen shots to the dealer.

But then we called.

And found someone.

Who went back far enough to find the transaction – it was at the bottom of page two.

And we almost threw up from relief.