[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Seventy Nine]

SO MANY THINGS went wrong this weekend / this morning leading up to the Haren closing, but it’s DONE!

The water meter cover is made of wood and expanded so much that we couldn’t get it open for ten minutes. And then it opened.

I couldn’t remember where the gas meter in the house is located. And then I did.

The realtor who didn’t put our house on the market, didn’t set up professional pictures to put us on the market, and didn’t show our house to anyone charged us for all of that. And then they gave us a bullshit discount.

There’s a very real chance that the Netherlands will go back to red status and not allow me to fly back home after I fly to Detroit on Saturday.

The money from the sale will not hit our account tomorrow, but WEDNESDAY meaning if anything goes wrong with the wire, it WILL delay the closing of the Detroit house on Monday.

But let’s focus on the positive, eh?

But first the news:

Our house in Haren is officially NO LONGER OURS!

I DID get that water meter cover off!

I remembered the gas meter is in the basement!

I almost don’t have a cough anymore. Probably in time for the flight.

I’m flying to Detroit on Saturday!! !

Out of left field, I realize, but I got a TON of work done on tearing down Groningen Rain BV!

I had a lovely virtual coffee / tea with my good friend E this morning!