QnA with Rain: Dutch Xmas

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Sixty One]

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Friend: “Hey.. You Doing OK?”

Rain: “It was first xmas here so I was solidly wrapped up until tomorrow.”

First of all, no, 06 December is not ACTUAL Dutch Xmas, it’s SinterKlaas which I call Dutch Xmas when talking to nonDutch people cause it’s easier to convey the idea.

Second of all, no, I totally didn’t do that “wrapped up” / xmas pun on purpose, but I’m totally giggling now.

Third of all, that was Sunday.

And I didn’t write for another what day is it today?

But first the news:

Ah, Tuesday.

Photo by Brigitta Schneiter on Unsplash

Uncle: “Happy Dutch Christmas! Why is it a different day. Do they also do regular Christmas? You also had something the other day when First Minion was singing out the door?”

Me: “Yeah, yesterday and today are SinterKlaas which is when gifts are delivered by a guy with a long white beard and his helpers. And for a month beforehand, they can put their shoes under the fireplace or by the back door with a carrot for his horse and sing thanks to SinterKlaas who rewards them with cookies and little presents. That’s what First Minion was doing before.”

Uncle: “Is the 25th ignored then? Or presents today and religion on 25th?”

Me: “There’s also regular Xmas on 24-25 December which is celebrated with a Xmas tree and dinner with the family. Religion and family on the 25th, yes.”

Uncle: “Smart people separating that.”

Me: “Right?!? It means we have three gifting days tho. Cause we’re American and Swedish living in the Netherlands. So today the Dutch kids are getting tons of massive presents. While our kids “just” get advent calendars, Xmas pajamas, and chocolate letters. Then Santa brings Xmas stockings and Tomte brings the big presents. So everything is spread out.”






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