Ready For The Big Announcement?!?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Four]

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

Except it’s King’s Day so it’s time to focus on the Dutch King!

Gefeliciteerd, Koning Willem-Alexander!! !

But first the news:

King Willem-Alexander’s birthday on 27 April is a public holiday in the Netherlands, but COVID says NOPE.

So this year is basically about wearing orange and … chillaxing at home.

But what does it look like normally?

Well, since the Minions arrived, it’s basically the same.

But Before Minions, we’d go out, drink beer, enjoy a terrace with friends, and relax. Sometimes we’d peruse the open market where you can buy things people have owned since, say, The War.

The first year we were here, we bought some newspaper clippings from Back Then.

Totally surreal.

I have no idea where those clippings are now.

And one year I bought rollerblades.

That I have literally never worn.

I think King’s Day is more for people who like crowds. And don’t like COVID.

It’s basically a massive party thrown by the whole country on the night before his birthday. And then on his actual birthday, is the open market which can also be absolutely packed.

One thing I absolutely treasure, though, is the kids’ performances.

And people walking by also give the performers money.

I once saw a little girl playing violin.

Today we’re all wearing orange. And chillaxin’. And that’s basically it.

But tomorrow I’ll announce where my next adventure takes me – starting on MONDAY!