Really Moving Back to the States

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Thirty Six]

This morning I have practiced my Dutch by filling out the Lijst van Zaken (list of stuff we’re taking or leaving or is up for debate) and the Vragenlijst Over de Woning (questions about the house) and have quite a few things planned this weekend to prep the house to sell.

It’s basically about staging which, to me, is simultaneously a thought exercise and giving into my organisational urges.

Which are not appreciated UNLESS we’re selling a house.

But first the news:

Staging is all about completely neutralising the decorations – nothing too artistic or weird or iconic or out of the ordinary – which is completely BLAH to me and about removing pictures of the family so that other families can picture themselves living here – which SUCKS cause the Minions are SO CUTE but also about organising all the things and basically keeping the house spotless because a potential buyer could stop by AT ANY MOMENT.

Be still my beating heart.

The Second House We Sold

See, my partner and I have been married for TWENTY YEARS and we have VERY different levels of comfort with organisation and cleanliness – he’s content to let the sink pile up while I twitch when there’s a single fork laying out.

I could happily live in a Kondo’d Clean Room while my partner and almost the entire rest of the universe would be miserable.

But when selling a house?

THAT is where you live.

Sure, it’ll be kinda rough with three children, a cat, and a partner that are absolutely miserable but I’ll be in heaven and that’s all that matters, eh?

Hence, this weekend and every free minute between now and when the photographer arrives is dedicated to staging.







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