Star Wars! Tonight!! !

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Thirty Three]

If you haven’t already, I would absolutely LOVE twenty-eight more subscribers on my channel which is currently but which I would love to get a vanity link which I can only get if I have one HUNDRED beautiful fabulous EXQUISITE subscribers.

I’m looking at you, Facebook Friends, because Facebook REALLY doesn’t allow interaction outside of Facebook.


But first the news:


I’m super chuffed to play UNLOCK!

The Escape Game by Space Cowboys!

Who just released a STAR WARS game!

There! Are! Not! Enough! EXCLAMATION!! ! POINTS!! !! ! ! ! ! !1!! ! !!!! ! ! ! ! !

And, yeah, I’m so excited, I’ve already scheduled the stream on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter/Periscope, and Twitch!

See you TONIGHT!