Sure, This Is The Bike Capital Of The World, But

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Ninety Three]

What if I just don’t wanna?

Also, my titles have gotten rather sloppy lately, hrm?

I personally own two or three bikes – a ‘grandma’ bike, a foldable bike for work train trips, and a ‘bakfiets’ for hauling two or more minions around town. I say two or three because the bakfiets is more part of the family than MINE.

Our FAMILY of FIVE owns ELEVEN bikes.


But first the news:

The thing is, biking is not ideal if, say, you’re pregnant and your hips, in their infinite wisdom, separate and decide one side should be higher than the other.

Which is what happened with me.

Six years ago.

When I was pregnant with First Minion.

Photo by 童 彤 on Unsplash

I realized this yesterday when working out with my personal trainer (Hi, I!), we were walking around a lake and strength training and I mentioned that I didn’t really like biking anymore.

And I dove into that for a minute and realized I haven’t really liked biking since that first pregnancy.


ASIDE: Or since I became absolutely obsessed with how many steps I get in a day, damnit, @FitBit and biking doesn’t give you as many steps as actual walking.

See, cause SCIATICA is something that reared its ugly head my senior year of undergrad when we dived into the Graham technique for an entire semester. Imagine me going to physical therapy full time cause you can’t stop dancing just cause your back hurts.

So when my hips decided them didn’t play well with one another, biking became excruciating.


But my hips have been JustFineThankYou for several months now – since I went to a physical therapist for several months when my back was going downhill and ItHurtAllTheTime and I haven’t actually gotten back on the metaphorical horse since.

It’s about time, eh?

Guess what I’m doing this weekend, Warriors!


Wish me luck.