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  • Thinking About Writing A Collaborative Book

    hrm… or maybe i should just write a book on my own. but something that i’m willing to write a whole hell of a lot about. and also speak a whole hell of a lot about. being a woman in tech. just another unicorn. a call to arms. a call to horns. the book i’m […]

  • The Most Amazing Chocolate Icing In The Universe

    NO I DON’T HAVE PICTURES BECAUSE I ATE IT ALREADY One standard cube of salted butter Two normal tubes of phadelphia cream cheese Four tubes of powdered sugar One jar of cocoa powder YES, I KNOW THESE ARE NOT PRECISE MEASUREMENTS Use a mixer. Whip that butter until it changes shades. Whip it good. Mix […]

  • The Quick and Dirty Scattered Thoughts

    [ disclaimer : i wrote this today while feeling quite under the weather and under the influence of cold medicine and in between bouts of long sleep. you have been warned. ] what is the project going to be about? there are some things that i would like to do just for fun or think […]

  • Looking for a Partner in Crime

    Seriously Seeking Who are you? Attention all leaders, innovator, movers and shakers. I am putting together a fierce new group of inventors / makers / creative types / techies / dreamers to build / develop / change the world. Who am I? I used to dance, now I don’t. And I work at Red Hat. […]

  • Kermis the Frog

    I really must learn to make these myself and I’m sure it’s something quite simple like: 1. melt chocolate 2. dip cold fruit in chocolate 3. resist eating fruit until chocolate can harden 4. eat chocolate covered fruit