The Quick and Dirty Scattered Thoughts

[ disclaimer : i wrote this today while feeling quite under the weather and under the influence of cold medicine and in between bouts of long sleep. you have been warned. ]

what is the project going to be about?

there are some things that i would like to do just for fun or think would be or might be fun to do but haven’t really found the time or resources or motivation to follow through and do them and i’m thinking if i commit to it online with a community of other people who are committing to their own projects for the next year

and we get together once a quarter or a month or a week or something to present what we’ve done so far and what we’re going to do over the next quarter or month or week and sometimes the presentations are as simple as, i’ve done nothing, but this is why and this is how i’m going to make things happen for the next deadline which is different than what i’ve been doing because x y z or i need help with x y z problems and what are your thoughts or look how awesome i am cause i’ve finished and now i’d like to work on this new thing unless you can think of something else related to this or that or the other

and then you take that feedback and play with it or ignore it or build on it and do more things with your project with that feedback in mind or go down an entirely new pathway with a tangent focus and at the end of the year you have x y z to show for it and decide if you want to commit another year or do something entirely different.

like learn to ride a unicycle. or put together a theatrical production. or build a haunted house. or start your own company. or sharpen your baking skills. or expand your network.

for this year my project is to Start The Project. I’m giving it a year.

it will need a community / forums / bulletin / blog / website / youtube channel with people’s presentations, if they’re willing to share them online.

and focus. outlines. rules. suggestions.

a random project generator app.

real life examples / links to people doing their own projects.

a title / an abstract / polls / research / strategy

tom cruise voicing his love on oprah level enthusiasm

and this is why i put out the call for a partner in crime or, more realistically, many partners in crime, because i would like to start this project soon, within the month or by the end of the year, and i need guinea pigs / partners in crime / co-conspirators / collaborators and do you think you’d be interested in this kind of project? do you have something you want to work on? would you like to help me make this happen? do you have a passion to build a community of experimenters and dream the impossible dreams?

let’s talk.






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