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  • FYI – A Is The Oldest Child

    There are always ‘puzzles’ and looming #ToDos on the horizon wearing us down and sticking in the back of the brain and it all boils down to not prioritizing it.

  • Who Down With OCP?!?

    YEAH YOU KNOW ME! I went to six conferences in forty eight days and that’s just a bit overwhelming. I had this abstract idea that it was over the course of the around eight weeks or so but then I looked at the actual dates and pulled it up on a calendar calculator and now […]

  • My Notes From Adam DuVander’s Developer Content Marketing Workshop At DevRelCon London

    I know what you’re thinking right now. “It’s been umpteen weeks since you’ve written on this blog and THIS is what you’re going to write about?!?” Yes, I totally used quotes because THAT is EXACTLY what you’re thinking. Yeah, that’s right, THIS is what I’m writing about – so sit back, buck up, and get […]

  • How To Pass The Torch Without Dropping All The Balls

    Spoiler Alert: communication is key. I’m putting together an abstract with a couple of fellow #DevRel liaisons on how we managed to pass (and drop!) responsibility of an open source community. We’ll submit to a couple of upcoming conferences over the next year and see what happens. Cause you never know until you try. We’ll […]

  • So Then What’s Next?

    Okay, so I’m back at work one hundred percent which means a couple of next steps are happening within the next six to twelve months. Career-wise. It’s time to apply to CFPs again. A few in particular are kickass / relevant / on my radar / wouldn’t it be super keen to do / omgomgomg. […]

  • Are You Digital Or Analog?

    On the one hand, yes, of course I CODE, therefore, I must be all digital all the time, right? But, no, I love my moleskine everything – okay, just an agenda and a notebook. But, still. Totally analog. I love the feel of WRITING notes with a pen and paper and then referring to those […]

  • Do I Hear TWO?!?

    Yesterday I took a day off and that’s just fine cause #whynot but today I was back on. And not only was I back on, but it was Father’s Day today and so a couple of weeks ago I picked out a present “from the twins” and went shopping with PROS.alpha and today *GASP* let […]

  • Rocky Road Ice Cream, People, The Best Ice Cream Obviously

    Grab your spoons, people, the first milestone of OpenStack Rocky has come and gone which can mean only one thing! RDO Test Days! RDO is a community of people using and deploying OpenStack on CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. At each OpenStack development cycle milestone, the RDO community holds test days to invite […]

  • I Would Buy It

    I have thought about some books I’d ACTUALLY like to write, as opposed to, say, NOT. In no particular order: – project do: goal achievement because SCIENCE social psychology research for goal achievement; applying it to a goal achievement method. invent or better define a method.

  • Thinking About Writing A Collaborative Book

    hrm… or maybe i should just write a book on my own. but something that i’m willing to write a whole hell of a lot about. and also speak a whole hell of a lot about. being a woman in tech. just another unicorn. a call to arms. a call to horns. the book i’m […]

  • The Beginning of Something Beautiful

    Over the past few months, I’ve spoken with a few people about my idea, The Project, and started posting about it here and there. I spoke with friends and family about it and got some response via social media. Then I did this thing. This past weekend. I ran over to the big building to attend StartupWeekend Groningen 2015. Based on The […]

  • The Project Pitch Debriefing

    A friend video taped what I actually said which was not nearly as eloquent as what I recently wrote and as I listen to people vote for their favorite pitches and discuss mine, I realize that I didn’t get the point across. People are discussing it in terms of education, which is true, it’s partially […]