Rocky Road Ice Cream, People, The Best Ice Cream Obviously

Grab your spoons, people, the first milestone of OpenStack Rocky has come and gone which can mean only one thing!

RDO Test Days!

RDO is a community of people using and deploying OpenStack on CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. At each OpenStack development cycle milestone, the RDO community holds test days to invite people to install, deploy and configure a cloud using RDO and report feedback. This helps us find issues in packaging, documentation, installation and more but also, where appropriate, to collaborate with the upstream OpenStack projects to file and resolve bugs found throughout the event.

In order to participate, though, people needed to:

  • Have hardware available to install and deploy on
  • Be reasonably knowledgeable / familiar with OpenStack
  • Have the time to go through an end-to-end installation, test it and provide feedback

SAY NO MORE! In an attempt to eliminate these barriers, we’re continuing the experiment started last year by providing a ready to use cloud environment. This cloud will be deployed with the help of Kolla: and Kolla-Ansible: which will install a containerized OpenStack cloud with the help of Ansible and Docker.

The cloud will be built using 5 bare metal servers – three controllers and two compute nodes.

COME TRY A REAL OPENSTACK ROCKY DEPLOYMENT! Would you like to participate? We’d love your help!

The next test days start TOMORROW – on the third and fourth of May we will test the first milestone of the latest OpenStack Rocky release.

To sign up to use the Kolla cloud environment and for more information, please visit

In the meantime, visit and join us on channel #rdo on Freenode irc where we’re available to answer any questions and troubleshoot.

Are you ready to taste this first batch of Rocky?

Me, too!! !