Tag: TripleO

  • Dutch Lock Down Day Sixty One

    Literally JUST NOW everything was shipped back to Red Hat, to the RDO Community, and to colleagues. And I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself.

  • Dutch Lock Down Day Forty Three

    The Minions are headed back to BSO / daycare / school next week and the looming deadline is taking its toll on the oldest. OR it’s a full moon or something. OR he just doesn’t like King’s Day. #PoorLittle But first the news: King’s Day from your couch – our step by step guide Mayors…

  • Dutch Lock Down Day Thirty Nine

    “While there’s no dedicated ‘booth’ / chat room for RDO / TripleO / PackStack but I’ll be in the community rooms representin’ and advocatin’.”

  • What We’ve Learned So Far

    As I’ve been rebuilding this site. In case you hadn’t noticed. I have. Cause of the hack. And this is what I’ve learned so far… Backups Aren’t Necessary UNTIL THEY ARE If I had been maintaining regular backups (which the hosting company is totally happy to do for just a few euros more per month),…

  • Your LEGO Order Has Been Shipped

    In preparation for the Red Hat Summit this week and OpenStack Summit in a week, I put together a hardware demo to sit in the RDO booth. I know, I know – the title has LEGO in it and now I’m talking tech. Bait and switch, AMIRITE?!? I promise it’s relevant. So I put together…

  • Rocky Road Ice Cream, People, The Best Ice Cream Obviously

    Grab your spoons, people, the first milestone of OpenStack Rocky has come and gone which can mean only one thing! RDO Test Days! RDO is a community of people using and deploying OpenStack on CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. At each OpenStack development cycle milestone, the RDO community holds test days to invite…

  • Very Pleased To Announce DevConf.IN

    Are you an OpenStack RDO user, developer, administrator or operator who wants to explore the wonders of Bangalore India? Want to know more about OpenStack, Centos, Ansible, Gluster, Kubernetes and MySQL and how they can all fit together? The wait is over! DevConf has come to India!

  • All Your Repos Are Belong To Us

    Today (and tomorrow) are the RDO Mitaka Test Days in Brno, Czech Republic and I spent a few hours this morning catching up on the tripleo quickstart live demonstration video and the rest of the day bashing my head against the packstack sanity checks for RHEL 7.2, CentOS 7.1, and Fedora 22. And I took awesome notes. To share with you.…