Dutch Lock Down Day Forty Three

The Minions are headed back to BSO / daycare / school next week and the looming deadline is taking its toll on the oldest.

OR it’s a full moon or something.

OR he just doesn’t like King’s Day.


But first the news:

In the meantime, day zero of Red Hat Summit 2020 Virtual Experience starts today with OpenShift Commons and it just occurred to me LAST NIGHT that this means I’m expected to help navigate the chat rooms from 1500 local to #WellPastMyBedTime for the next three days.


Except it kind of is, eh?

THEN I realized that, no, actually, I’m only expected to work six hour days as I’m still transitioning back to full time work and this means that I’m “only” expected to navigate those chat rooms from 1500 local to a few hours later.

We Can Do It! With a little help from a BUNCH of ducks.

Unfortunately, (thankfully?) there’s no chat room dedicated to RDO Project or TripleO or PackStack or Infrastructure or anything upstream of the Red Hat OpenStack Platform, so while I’ll be haunting a few of the community chat rooms, I’ll mostly be in the product chat room just in case someone wants to talk community.

No worries; I’m lost, too.

Let’s find our way together, eh, Warriors?