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  • Holy OpenAI, Batman

    A friend introduced me to https://chat.openai.com/chat today and holy hell I’m impressed. I told it to write a blog post based on my speaking bio: write a blog post about me based on this short description, “Rain Leander is a systematic, slightly psychic, interdisciplinary community liaison with a Bachelor’s in dance and a Master’s in […]

  • Yes, But What Is Temporal?

    It’s the company I work for now. It’s also the project / product the company builds. It’s also relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs. It’s secular. It’s also relating to time. It’s also of or situated in the temples of the head. Are you rubbing your temples yet? And here’s where it gets […]

  • I Love You, Too, Friends

    Yesterday at 0500 PDT I made a post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, that I’m starting a new position as Developer Advocate at Temporal. And BOOM!! ! Y’all showed ALL the love. I appreciate you. Thank you. But what does that mean?!?

  • No Open Source Stream This Morning

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Twenty Six] I swear this is coming back SOON but this week I’m taking care of the kids by myself and still onboarding at the new adventure and, well, sometimes a person needs their introvert time more than others. #KnowWhatIMean This week I’m especially focused on getting those steps […]

  • Cockroach Labs At KubeCon CloudNativeCon EU

    #KubeCon #CloudNativeCon

  • Getting Started With CockroachDB

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Nine] I know, I know. I haven’t even officially started with Cockroach Labs and I’m already nerding out? Where’s the work life balance? Where’s the weekend off? #CantStopWontStop But first the news: Strict Protestant churches ignored calls for online services, no singing Two Covid patients die after power outage […]

  • It’s Gonna Be May

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Eight] Actually, it already IS May. But ya gotta make the NSYNC reference on the first of May, AMIRITE. But first the news: No further relaxation of the coronavirus rules, more under-50s in hospital Coronavirus 7-day average falls below 7,000 for the first time in weeks Young Covid-19 patients […]

  • We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Six] Yesterday I announced that my next adventure is as an application developer technical evangelist with Cockroach Labs and, frankly, I’m still high. #OMGOMGOMG But first the news: Curfew was necessary but did not cut hospital admissions, IC chief says Pregnant women can use Pfizer or Moderna Covid vaccine, […]

  • Drumroll Please!

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Five] I am. Absolutely. Over the MOON. To announce my new adventure. But first the news: Coronavirus in the Netherlands: what changes today True number of Covid vaccines given in Netherlands still unknown; Up to 30% of data missing King’s Day 2021: 50 arrested in Amsterdam, parks closed across […]

  • Last Week of Vacation

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Two] Sure, I’ve been super sick for a few days, but I have high hopes for this week. First, though, I am entirely over the moon to announce that I have filed to create a company, Groningen Rain BV, here in the Netherlands. But first the news: Brabant hospitals […]

  • How Do I Feel?

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Ninety Five] Tell me now, how do I feel? Papa gave me, effectively, an entire morning off today and hooo BOY was it LUX! But first the news: Ministers ‘more optimistic’ about relaxing coronavirus rules on April 28: NOS Eight Dutch travelers quarantined on Greek island Rhodes during holiday […]

  • Want To Talk At Tech Conferences Like Me?

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Eighty Eight] IF your project is open source AND you want to talk with developers, as opposed to companies, then you’re like me. Once you’ve figured out your voice and jumped down the rabbit hole of new experiences, share your adventures by speaking at technical conferences. First, check out […]