Yes, But What Is Temporal?

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

It’s the company I work for now. It’s also the project / product the company builds. It’s also relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs. It’s secular. It’s also relating to time. It’s also of or situated in the temples of the head.

Are you rubbing your temples yet?

And here’s where it gets complicated.

Temporal, the product, is sort of a workflow engine. Sort of infrastructure as code. Sort of a platform to ensure your code runs reliably, durably, and scales automatically. Sort of a new way to code.

And the reason I say it that way – ‘sort of’ – is that I’m still figuring all that out.

I’m definitely still onboarding – will be for many months to come – as I figure things out.

But hopefully I’ve clarified for those that were curious.

The most important bit, though, is that I’m working for a company, a team, and a manager that are particularly obsessed with psychological safety.

Which is absolutely beautiful.

And absolutely what I need.



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